Galway Chess Congress Coming Up!

This year’s Galway Chess Congress takes place from Friday 4th October to Sunday 6th.  As usual, there are tournaments for players of all strengths – from Grandmasters to people who have never played in a tournament before.  So there is certain to be something for you!

            We are trying out a different venue: the Menlo Park Hotel.  This is supposed to be a better hotel, and is considerably easier to get to – unless you live in Salthill or southern Connemara, perhaps.  (Apologies to those who live there – you are still very welcome, and we hope you make the small extra effort to come along.)  There also will not be weddings going on at the same time, so we hope that the playing conditions will be better and less noisy.  And it is slightly nearer the centre of Galway, for those who like to take in some nightlife whilst they are here.


For full information about the Congress, including an entry form, look at the “Congress: 2013” link above.  We are now receiving entries, so get your entries in early to make sure of the discount on the entry fee.  Early entries include GM Alex Baburin, defending champion IM Alex Lopez, and IM Mark Heidenfeld.


If you have any queries, do feel free to ask – either by responding here or by email to our email address galwaychess [at] gmail [dot] com.

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