Galway club members do well in Sligo tournaments

Some news of achievements by our members in tournaments elsewhere in Ireland.  First, two of our younger members braved Storm Isha in January to play in the Connaught Junior Championship in Sligo, and both achieved excellent results in the under-14 event: Cillian Bracken came outright second (with 4½ points out of 6), whilst Lorcan Heron came outright third on 4 points.

Then, on the weekend of 2-3 February, a different two members went again to Sligo to play in the Sligo Tournament (not restricted to juniors), both in the Major Section (for those with ratings between 1100 and 1600).  Here Jarek Wieczorek came fourth (equal) with 3½ points out of 5, and Luke Iwasaki came 12th equal on 3/5.  Luke is 15, and was playing, I believe, in his first adult tournament.  These are both very good performances, and Luke’s, at least, should certainly be good enough to win a rating prize.

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