Galway Congress: 10-12 March

Entries are now open for the Galway Chess Congress, which will be held in the Menlo Park Hotel from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th March. Go to this link for full information on this tournament, and to enter. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Next Blitz tournament: Thursday 12 January

The January blitz tournament will take place on Thursday 12 January, in the Galway Bridge Centre, St Mary’s Road. (We meet upstairs.) Registration will be from 7.30 p.m. to 7.45 p.m. – there is no need to enter in advance. There will be seven rounds, with each player having 5 minutes to make their moves per game, plus an increment of 5 seconds per move. We expect the tournament to finish about 10.30.

The December blitz saw a good turnout, considering the awful weather, including several people we haven’t seen for several years, and were (as always) happy to welcome back. The winner was one such returnee, Oissine Murphy, who showed he hasn’t lost his skill be scoring 6 points out of 7. Second was Pete Morriss on 5½. The rating prize went to Scott Reilly, with 3 points. And the award for the most appropriately seasonally-attired player was won by Shawna Scott.

Rapid Tournament: Results

Our Autumn/Winter Rapid Tournament was played over 12 rounds on four dates between September and December 2022. A total of 33 people played in the tournament; although only one person played in all twelve rounds, that was not a problem as we were happy for players to drop in as they felt like it. Several new players used the tournament to play their first games of competitive chess, which was part of our aim; we hope that they enjoyed it, and we welcome them back to our future events.

The overall winner was Alex Drimbarean, with 10 points. Second was Pete Morriss on 8½, and third Karolina Bronnikova on 6 – although Karolina couldn’t play in either of our last two sessions, which was unfortunate as she was leading at the half-way stage. The Rating Prize was won by Scott Reilly, with 4 points. The enthusiasm prize, for playing in all twelve rounds, goes to Jarek Wieczorek.

Full scores are as follows. The number in brackets is the number of games played. Note that players were allowed two half-point byes for games missed, so it was possible to get more points than games played. (Otherwise, standard scoring was used, of a point for a win, half a point for a draw, and nothing for a loss.)

10: Alex Drimbarean (11)
8½: Pete Morriss (11)
6: Karolina Bronnikova (6)
5½: Ross Du Berry (6)
5: Jarek Wieczorek (12), Gavin Hicks (6), David O’Connell (6), Dara Jennings (6)

4½: Alla Bronnikova (6), Andrew Barber (6)
4: Scott Reilly (6), Gourang Jiddewar (9), Shane Whyte (6), Paul Ward (6), Bryn Edwards (6)
3½: Andrew Finnerty (8)
3: Martin Marcant (6), Jack Sheridan (6), Valerie Nestor (3), Frank Healey (7), Diego Pereiro Rodriguez (3), Jack Hanna (3), Jake Blackhurst (3), Siofra Finnerty (6)
2: Donal O’Donnell (3), Adrenne Reigh (3), Barry Breen (6), Maureen Gallagher (3), Shawna Scott (6)
1: Muire McLoughlan (3), Kiaran Finn (3), Rhys O’Halloran (2), Karel Mampouma (1)

Rapid Tournament: 1 December

The final three rounds of our autumn/winter rapid tournament will be on Thursday 1 December. Please arrive to register by 7.45 p.m. The current leader is Alex Drimbarean, but he could still be caught by any of half-a-dozen players. If you haven’t played in this yet, you are still welcome to join in; you won’t be in contention for first place, but you will still have some (hopefully) enjoyable games. The rate of play is 15 minutes per player for the game, plus an increment of 10 seconds per move. As usual, it will take place in our club room, upstairs in the Bridge Centre, St. Mary’s Road.

Next Blitz: Thursday 24 November

Our next blitz tournament will be on Thursday 24 November, at our usual venue of upstairs in the Galway Bridge Centre in St Mary’s Road. Enter when you arrive, between 7.30 to 7.45 p.m. Later entries will be included in round 1, if possible; if not possible, then in round 2, or whichever round starts after you show up. As usual, there will be 7 rounds, with each player having 5 minutes, plus 5 seconds a move, for the game. We expect to finish about 10.30 p.m.

Blitz tournaments continued whilst the website was out of action in the past month. The October Blitz was won, most convincingly, by Brian Gallagher, with seven straight wins. Second equal were Jason Rawlinson and Ross Du Berry, both on 5 points put of 7. The rating prize went to Gourang Jiddewar, on 3½ points.

The first of our two November Blitzes (held on 3 November) was much more competitive, with four different players holding an outright lead at some point. In the last round, Jason Rawlinson surged into first place, with 5½ points. Second equal, all on 5 points, were Karolina Bronnikova, Alex Drimberean, and Alla Bronnikova. (For the curious, Karolina and Alla are daughter and mother, respectively.) The rating prize was won by Shane Whyte, who scored 4 points – which was highly commendable in this strong field.

Rapid Tournament, rounds 4 to 6: Thursday 20 October

The second instalment of our Rapid tournament (rounds 4 to 6) takes place on Thursday 20 October; please be there by 7.45 to register. If you played in the first session you will know what to expect. If you didn’t, you are very welcome to join on Thursday and start in round 4 – just turn up at the chess club (upstairs in the Bridge Centre, St Mary’s Road) by 7.45. There will be three games in the evening; each player has to make all their moves in 15 minutes plus an extra 10 seconds per move. Entry is free to members; if you are not a member yet, you can join the club on the night.

After the first three rounds, the tournament leaders are Karolina Bronnikova and Pete Morriss, both of whom have scored three wins. But there is still a long way to go.

October Blitz: Thursday 13 October

Our next blitz tournament is on Thursday 13 October, at our usual venue: upstairs in the Bridge Centre, St Mary’s Road. Start time is 7.45, and we expect to finish about 10.30. There will be 7 rounds, with each player getting 5 minutes per game for their moves, plus an increment of 5 seconds per move. Entry is free to members; if you are not yet a member, you can join on the night. Enter on arrival. Latecomers can join the tournament, but will have missed the first round or two.

Our last tournament, held on 15 September, resulted in a three-way tie for first place between Pete Morriss, Adriana Palao, and Alex Drimberean who all scored 6 points out of 7 – winning one and losing one against each other, and beating everybody else. The rating prize went to Scott Reilly, on tie-break, with 3/7.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 13th.

Rapidplay: Thursday 22 September

We will be running a rapidplay tournament on Thursday evenings, every three or four weeks between September 22nd and Christmas. You will have 15 minutes to make all your moves in each game, plus a 10 second increment per move [Edit: not 10+15 as I erroneously wrote originally]. The first three rounds will take place on 22nd September; please be there at 7.45 p.m. to register. Points scored will be carried forward, with rounds 4 to 6 taking place in mid to late October. It doesn’t matter if you might not be able to make every round: those who turn up on the night will play, and those who don’t, won’t! Entry is free to club members (and potential members) and prizes will consist in the glory of being acclaimed by your peers and mentioned on this website. We will provide all equipment. As usual if you have any questions or suggestions, do ask here or email us at galwaychess[at]gmail[dot]com.

Limerick Chess

The Limerick Open 2022 is being held Nov 4th-6th in the West County Hotel, Ennis. Further details on the Limerick Website

Next Blitz Tournament: Thursday 15 September at 7.45 p.m.

Our 2022-23 season is opening with a blitz tournament on Thursday 15 September, at our usual venue of upstairs in the Bridge Centre, St Mary’s Road, Galway. Start time is 7.45 p.m., and we expect it to finish about 10.30. There will be 7 rounds, with each player getting 5 minutes per game for their moves, plus an increment of 5 seconds per move. As this is part of our regular season, entry is free, and there will be no prizes other than the glory (which, of course, is priceless).

New club members, and potential members, are very welcome. Enter when you arrive by 7.45. We will provide all equipment.

Our last blitz tournament in August was won by Denis Ruchko and International Master Oleg Gubanov, who tied first, both scoring 6 points out of 7. The rating prize, for the best performance by a player rated in the bottom half, was won by Marina Petrenko, with 4 points. I think this is the first time we have had a titled player at one of our blitz tournaments; we look forward to welcoming Oleg back, and hopefully we’ll get more! But if you are not an international master, please do not be put off: the tournament is open to lesser mortals including beginners, and the format is such that whatever your standard we will find you opponents so that you should have interesting games. If you are new to us and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask here or email us: our address is galwaychess[at]gmail[dot]com.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

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