The New Season Begins!

Galway Chess Club will be relocating from the Cottage Bar to its winter home of the Bridge Centre on Thursday 27 September, 2012.

As has become traditional, we will start, on Thursday 27 September, with a blitz tournament.  This will start at 7.45 (note earlier time); entries will be taken from 7.30.  Our standard time rate is 10 minutes per player per game, but if people on the night want we can have a faster time-rate, to give practice for the Irish Blitz championship.  It is helpful if you could bring along a set and clock, if you have them; but if you don’t (or you forget), then come along anyway, and use those that the club has.

If you can’t make the start time, come along anyway and join in when you arrive – scoring half a point for each round you missed.

If you haven’t been there before, it is located on St Mary’s Road, opposite St Mary’s School.  There is off-road parking immediately opposite, in the grounds of Mary’s School.  We meet in the upstairs room which is directly facing you at the top of the stairs.  If you haven’t played in one of our blitz tournaments before, then please come along; the standard of the players taking part is quite diverse, and we try to play fairly fast chess in a serious but friendly way.  Playing blitz is an excellent way to improve one’s game quickly.

On top of this we will have a very busy couple of weeks preparing for the annual Galway Chess Congress (12th-14th Oct).

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