Spring Rapid Tournament starting 2 March

We will be running a rapidplay tournament every three or four weeks throughout the spring at our usual venue of upstairs in the Bridge Centre, St Mary’s Road. The format will be the same as the autumn one, i.e. you will play three games in an evening, and your scores over the weeks will be added up at the end to determine who is the overall winner. You will have 15 minutes to make all your moves in each game, plus a 10 second increment per move.  The first three rounds will take place on 2nd March; please be there by 7.45 p.m. to register. It doesn’t matter if you might not be able to make every round: those who turn up on the night will play, and those who don’t, won’t! Entry is free to club members (and potential members) and prizes will consist in the glory of being acclaimed by your peers and mentioned on this website. We will provide all equipment.

This tournament might be particularly suitable for beginners and players new to tournament chess, who might find the speed of our blitz tournaments too fast for them, though established players are of course very welcome as well and we expect you to enter. As usual if you have any questions or suggestions, do ask here or email us at galwaychess[at]gmail[dot]com.

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