Rapidplay: Thursday 28 September

On Thursday 28 September we will host the first session of our Autumn Rapidplay tournament. Each player will have three games during the evening, and will have 15 minutes to make all their moves per game, plus an extra 10 seconds for each move they make. You can register for this by turning up between 7 and 7.20 on the evening; there is no need to register in advance. Anybody who arrives too late to be included in the first round can still play in round 2.

This tournament will continue with another three rounds in October and yet another three in November. The winner will be decided over all nine rounds, but if you might not be able to play in all rounds it doesn’t matter: you can play in as many or as few as you wish.

This Rapidplay tournament is particularly appropriate for players new to organized chess, as in the initial rounds you will be paired against other newcomers so are likely to be playing people of roughly your own level. That said, experienced players are very welcome as well, and we try to structure this so that all will find the tournament enjoyable.

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