January Blitz Results

The January Blitz was held (somewhat belatedly) on 6 February.  Perhaps fittingly, given our abuse of the calendar, the event was somewhat chaotic: few enough people were there half an hour after the scheduled start time to warrant conducting it as an all-play-all, then several others drifted in later and wanted to join in, resulting in a sort of hybrid with a Swiss, in which somehow not everybody played the same number of games.  The actual chess, however, was no more chaotic than usual, particularly that of our very clear winner, Galway Winter League champion Joona Kiiski, who played excellently to score 7 straight wins out of 7.  Second place went to Pete Morriss, with 6½ out of 8.  The (un)grading prize goes to a newcomer, Alex Drimbarean, with 3 points out of 6; and he was unlucky not to get more.  We hope that we will be seeing much more of him (and of all of you) in the future.

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