Discounted entry for Brendan’s Junior squad: €20. Available until March 8th.


Please note, this page is not to be shared with anyone who is not in Brendan’s Junior squad. Brendan has supported the Galway Chess Congress for several years, so in turn we like to offer Brendan a substantial discount for those in his Juniors group who wish to enter the Galway Chess Congress. However, venue rental and prizes are expensive, and we could not afford to run the Congress if more people received this discount, so please keep this to yourselves! We will be checking the entries with Brendan before the tournament!

Further information on the Galway Chess Congress, which takes place in the Menlo Park Hotel from March 20th-22nd, is available here, but presumably Brendan has told you what a great experience it is, and you’ve already decided to go.

To avail of this discount, please ask a responsible adult to use the PayPal button on this page to enter (not the one on the main page, as those are for €30 or €40). The deadline for the reduced entry fee (€20) is March 8th. After that, entry costs €40, and if you wait until the day of the tournament to enter, the cost goes up to €55, because of the extra inconvenience for the organisers – so get your entry in right now!
As well as filling in the form below (don’t forget to click SUBMIT) and making the payment here, you need to email Brendan at brendan[at]chessossity[dot]com stating the name and ICU number of the entrant, and the email address that was used to make the PayPal payment (if different). You should then see the entrant’s name appear on the list on the right-hand side of the page on the test.local website within a day or two.

Note: While we are happy to have junior players in the competition, parents and guardians of minors should note that they are responsible for their children during the tournament. The organisers and helpers are not able to act ‘in loco parentis’ and are not able to take responsibility for any child, for any child’s actions, or for the actions of anyone that may affect a child. Further, spectators, including parents and guardians, should note that ALL phones and similar devices should be switched OFF while in the playing hall.

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