Winter Rapid Play 2014-15

This season a Winter Rapid Play event starts on Thursday 2nd October.  The league is open to everyone, to join email your entry to ..  [email protected]

The Irish U-16 champions:clr-gal

Timetable :  Games will be played on the first Thursday of each month.

  (1) 2nd Oct,   (2) 6th Nov,   (3) 4th Dec,  (4) 8th Jan,  (5) 5th Feb,  (6) 5th Mar.

Players :

Kieran Spellman , Thomas McStay , Conor Coogan , Johannes Ritter , Zalan Nemeth , Alexandru Drimbarean , Andrejs Koslov , Eimear O’Tuathail , Padraic O’Tuathail , Sajeer Shamsudeen , Carlos da Silva , Paul Ward , Brendan Buckley , Pete Morriss,  Andrew Barber, Jason Rawlinson , Anton Kalinichenko , Henryk Raczkowiak , Denis Ruchko.


Rate of Play :

30 mins each on the clock.   Games should start at 8pm and finish at 9pm.

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