Winter League 2019/20

Round 5: February 6th

Board No. White ScoreBlack
1Johannes Hertel0.5:0.5Denis Ruchko
2Jason Rawlinson0:1David Andreu
3Eamonn Abberton0.5:0.5Michael O'Donnell
4James Blackwell1:0Paul Ward
5Diego Rodriguez1:0Pete Donlon
6Pete Morriss0:1Andrew Barber
7David Cunningham1:0Andrejs Kozlovs
8Andrew Finnerty0:1Gerrard Abberton
9Scott Reilly0:1Bill Delee
10Niko Istuk1:0Conor Monaghan Browne
11Oisin Hodgins1:0BYE
12Yaron Bachrach0:0BYE

Round 4: December 12th

Board No. White ScoreBlack
1David Andreu0.5:0.5Joannes Hertel
2Denis Ruchko1:0Pete Morriss
3Paul Ward0:1Jason Rawlinson
4Michael O'Donnell0.5:0.5James Blackwell
5Pete Donlon0:1Eamonn Abberton
6Andrejs Kozlovs0.5:0.5Diego Rodriguez
7Andrew Barber1:0Gerrard Abberton
8Andrew Finnerty1:0Oisin Hodgins
9Conor Monaghan Browne0:1David Cunningham
10Bill Delee0:1Niko Istuk
11Scott Reilly1:0BYE
12Yaron Bachrach0:0BYE

Round 3: December 12th

Board No. White ScoreBlack
1Johannes Hertel1:0Pete Morriss
2Jason Rawlinson0:1Denis Ruchko
3Diego Rodriguez0:1David Andreu
4Andrejz Kozlovs0.5:0.5Paul Ward
5Oisin Hodgins0:1Michael O'Donnell
6Eamonn Abberton1:0Bill Delee
7Andrew Finnerty0:1Pete Donlon
8James Blackwell1:0Conor Monaghan Browne
9David Cunningham0:1Andrew Barber
10Gerard Abberton1:0Scott Reilly
11Yaron Bachrach0:0BYE

Round 2: November 14th

Board No.WhiteScoreBlack
1Michael O'Donnell0:1Johannes Hertel
2Denis Ruchko1:0Andrejs Kozlovs
3Paul Ward0.5:0.5Diego Rodriguez
4Pete Morriss1:0Eamonn Abberton
5David Andreu1:0Andrew Finnerty
6Pete Donlon0:1Jason Rawlinson
7Yaron Bachrach0:1David Cunningham
8Andrew Barber0:1Oisin Hodgins
9Bill Delee1:0Ger Abberton
10Scott Reilly0:1James Blackwell
11Conor Monaghan Browne1:0BYE

Round 1: October 24th

Board No.WhiteBlack
1Johannes Hertel1-0Yaron Bachrach
2Dovydas KalvaitisX-1Denis Ruchko
3Diego Rodriguez1-0Andrew Barber
4Ger Abberton0-1Pete Morriss
5Sophie KlenkX-1Andrew Finnerty
6James Blackwell0-1David Andreu
7Jason Rawlinson1-0Bill Delee
8David Cunningham0-1Michael O'Donnell
9Henrik FeslX-1Pete Donlon
10Oisin Hodgins0-1Andrejs Kozlovs
11Eamonn Abberton1-0Scott Reilly
12Conor Monaghan Browne0-1Paul Ward

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