Winter League 2014-15

The Galway Winter League (our name for the club championship) will start at the end of October.  This is a 7-round ICU-rated Swiss, which takes place at roughly monthly intervals over the winter.  (The scheduled dates for the rounds are in the calendar at the right; games do not have to be played on the scheduled date, but can be re-arranged by mutual agreement between the players a week or two either side.)

Last year was the most exciting finish ever (the final table can be found in the “Tables and Results” link at the top); so we’re looking forward eagerly to this year’s.  There is a small entry fee, most of which is returned in PRIZES; the rest goes towards the hire of the room for us to play in, and purchasing sets and clocks.  You can enter by turning up at the club on 30 October at 7.30, but it is much easier for us if you enter in advance: either see us at the club on a Thursday evening or send an email to Paul Ward at ward.25 [at]  The draw for the first round will be made on the weekend of 25 October, in order to ensure that anybody who cannot attend on the 30th will have a few days to contact their opponent and rearrange the game.  Anybody entering after the draw is done will have to play on the 30th, or take a half-point bye in the first round.

The rate of play will be 90 minutes for the game, plus an increment of 10 seconds per move.  If you have any queries, please ask Paul, at the email address above, or post them here.

We are looking forward eagerly to another exciting tournament.

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