Winter League 2014-15: Final Results

Whilst the first place in the Winter League was already decided before the last round took place, the other prize winners still had to be determined.  Some hard-fought games (it is rare for a tournament to have no draws at all in the final round) produced the following outcome.  First was Gerardo Artola Pola.  Second, on tie-break, was Pete Morriss, just ahead of Jason Rawlinson, who has the honour of being the only player to go through the tournament undefeated.  The Grading Prize was won by Carlos Silva, for the second year in a row.  Congratulations to all the prize-winners, particularly the clear winner Gerardo.


Gerardo Artola Pola1526
Pete Morriss18795
Jason Rawlinson15755
Padraic O'Tuathail1955
David Baird1559
Carlos da Silva14854
Anton Kalinichenko4
Paul Ward15034
Eduardo Gandara1843
Aogan O'Hiarlaithe
Andrew Barber13423
Michael O'Donnell15823
John Hensey13363
David Piercy941
Vinny O'Donnell13732
Richard Martin1 withdrawn
Henryk Raczkowiak0 withdrawn

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