Winter League 2011/12 Final Result

The winter league came to a conclusion a couple of weeks ago. The winner was Pete Morriss with a score of 6/7. Congratulations Pete on your second winter league title!

Second was Felix Calleja who was the main challenger to Pete for the last few rounds.

A notable mention should be made for Joona Kiiska who joined the competition after the first 3 rounds and managed to score 4/4.

1Morriss, Pete18886/718.026.521.0
2Calleja, Felix15115.5/720.029.023.5
3-4Path, David19664.5/721.030.020.5
3-4McCann, David15814.5/716.523.518.5
5-7Ward, Paul15954/719.527.017.0
5-7Abberton, Ger12004/718.025.015.0
5-7Kiiski, Joona19004/414.020.010.0
8-9Abberton, Eamonn14103.5/719.525.515.0
8-9Baird, David15723.5/719.027.016.0
10-12Cunningham, Amos10003/715.522.012.0
10-12Golz, Adam13753/714.020.514.0
10-12Piercy, David9413/714.020.510.5
13Korir, Paul8002.5/715.020.07.0
14O Connell, Michael12002/717.023.59.0
15-16Byrne, Andrew8001.5/714.019.01.0
15-16Pop, Melinda15001.5/712.517.02.0



The next league will begin in September (I’ll post details closer to the time).

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