Summer is here, apparently

Galway Chess Club has now started its summer break, so we will not be meeting in the Bridge Centre until mid-September (date to be announced in due course).

However, as four months without chess is scarcely bearable, and we all know that really it isn’t summer at all (it’s winter with extra light until late), we will be meeting to play chess in the Cottage Bar in Lower Salthill, every Thursday from 8 onwards.  Everybody is welcome.  Sometimes the Cottage kindly give us our own room, but when  their rooms are booked by others we play in the main bar.  So if you are new to the club, or a visitor to Galway, look for people playing chess and introduce yourself at a suitable moment (not when I am about to lose on time, please!).  We hope to see many new faces over the summer – and quite a few familiar ones as well.

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