Schedule for rest of season

Please note that the club will be closed on 17 and 24 March in view of the public holidays at that time of year.

On 31 March there will be a Q&A session on the Galway Congress, with the Congress organizers, starting at 7.30.  This is designed mainly for anybody who has never played in an over-the-board chess tournament before, and is considering whether to play in this one but is not quite sure what would be involved.  For that reason, it will be open to anyone who might play in the Congress, irrespective of whether you are a club member or not.

This will be followed by our March Blitz tournament, starting at 8 or immediately after the end of the Q&A session should that be later.  Anybody who attends the Q&A session is welcome to play in the blitz tournament, should they wish.

The club will be open on 7 April from 7.30.  As yet no particular event has been arranged, but we are hoping to put on a coaching session to put everybody in the right frame of mind for the Congress.

Then the Galway Congress takes place from Friday 8 April to Sunday 10 April, in the Menlo Park Hotel.  Full information about the Congress is available at this link; or you can go direct to the on-line entry facility here.  This is a national (indeed, international) event, with players coming from all over Ireland and from abroad: in the past few years players have come from Latvia, the USA, and even Australia.

On the Thursday after the Congress, 14 April, there will be a feedback session on the games you played in the Congress: bring along the scores of the games you played and get feedback from our resident experts.  You can either impress us all with the brilliance of your wins, or bring along games you lost but you are not sure where you went wrong and we will try to give advice.  Please make sure to bring along a record of the moves played, as even grandmasters cannot always remember the exact moves of their games.  This session is open to everybody who played in the Congress (whether or not a club member), and, of course, club members who somehow didn’t play in the Congress.

Then, on 21 April, there is the final round of the club’s Winter League (this is one week later than previously announced).  Entries to this tournament are now closed, but spectators are welcome (if they are quiet); there may also be others there to play friendly games with, but that cannot be guaranteed.

On 28 April there will be our monthly blitz tournament.

The 5 May has been reserved for a play-off in the Winter-league, should there be a tie for first place after round 7.  (Keep an eye on this web-site after 21 April!)  Spectators are welcome, and there will be an opportunity for playing (quiet) friendly games if there is a play-off – and noisy ones if there is not!

The final event of the season will be the club’s Annual General Meeting on 12 May.  This is for paid-up club members only.

After 12 May we will not be meeting in the Bridge Centre until September, but hope to meet informally in some suitable hostelry over the summer.

There will also be our annual FIDE-rated rapidplay tournament on a Saturday in June: date to be announced.

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