Galway Rapidplay Results

The 2015 Galway Rapidplay was held on Saturday 6 June.  39 players took part, and most commented on the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that prevailed.  Players came from all over Ireland – from Donegal to Cork, and the east coast to the west – and also several came over from England for this event.  We can’t quite say that the ages of the entrants ranged from 8 to 80, as our oldest player is only 79; so we will have to wait until next year for that claim.

The tournament was won resoundingly by Conor O’Donnell, from Dublin, with 8/9.

Second equal were Karol Marzec, Stephen Short (not shown), and Adam Spirek, all on 6½.

The grading prize was won by Jonathon Peoples, from Donegal, who scored an excellent 6 points.

No female prize was awarded, as, regrettably, there were not enough female entries.  Instead, we gave two junior prizes.  We had decided that the junior prizes could be won in addition to other prizes, thinking that that would probably never happen; but we were wrong, as this year the two junior prizes went to two of the main prize winners above: Conor O’Donnell (aged 16) won the first junior prize, and Jonathon Peoples (aged 15) the second.  This indicates the strength of junior chess in ireland – and also the geographical spread.

The full results and crosstable can be found here.

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