Galway Rapidplay (FIDE rated) on 6 June

The annual FIDE-rated Galway Rapidplay will this year be held on Saturday 6 June. Full details are available at the Rapidplay 2015 tab, above. In brief: it will be held in our usual venue of Galway Bridge Centre (for directions see “The Club” tab, above). It will start at 10.45, and we expect that it will finish at about 8. The entry fee is €15 for those who register in advance, and €25 for those who do not, in both cases paid on arrival; see the details for how to register. The rate of play will be 15 minutes per person per game, plus an increment of 10 seconds per move. The prize fund is over €500, and will be increased if we have more entries than expected.

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  1. […] The annual Galway Fide Rated rapidplay takes place on 6th June at the Galway Bridge Centre, It starts at 10.45 and entry is just €15 if you enter in advance. Rate of play is 15 minutes per person plus 10 second increment per move. More details at the Galway website. […]

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