Galway Chess Congress is back: 22-24 March 2019

This is advance notice that the Galway Chess Congress will return next year on the weekend of 22nd to 24th March 2019. It will be at the same venue as the last few years (the Menlo Park Hotel), and we expect that the general arrangements will also be much the same as in previous years. Further particulars and information on how to enter will be put on our website in the new year, in the Galway Congress 2019
tab above. So put this date in your diary, and we look forward to seeing many of you in March.


  1. Mark Matthews says:

    – how much will the tournament cost? and do you have to have an ELO rating to enter the tournament? i may enter the tournament but i don’t have an ELO rating but i am roughly between 1300-1800, roughly.

    – How much will the tournament cost?
    – Can i still enter the tournament without having an ELO rating?

    • Pete says:

      Hi Mark,

      Good to hear from you. I think you’ll now find most of the info you need at the Congress 2019 tab on the website; apologies for the delay in putting it up there. On the ELO rating point: yes, you can certainly enter without having a rating – everybody would have done this at some point, as the only way of getting a rating is to enter a rated tournament. Normally people without ratings enter the under 1200 section, as this would be the first rated tournament they have played in; but if you think you are too strong for that section, the best thing to do would be to drop us a line (at galwaychess [at] gmail [dot] com) and tell us a bit about yourself. We would certainly accept you into the 1200-1800 section if you can tell us why that’s where you belong (and we have indeed often done that in the past). Or if you are in Galway, come along to the club one Thursday evening!

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