Galway Chess Club Officially Announces that Summer is Here!

We have decided that it is summer, and in summer we meet informally in a pub rather than in the Bridge Centre.  I don’t quite know why, but that has become our tradition.  So, until sometime in September, if you want to join us for some chess, please come along to the Cottage Bar, Salthill.  As always, new faces are very welcome, as well as all our regulars (and some who are less regular, or even downright irregular).

And please take note of our FIDE-rated rapidplay tournament on 14 June, details of which are available by clicking Rapidplay2014 at the head of the page.

Hope to see you down the pub over the summer.


  1. michelle says:

    Hello I am just wondering what day you meet in the cottage bar for chess and is anything going on tonight ? Thanks

    • Pete says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Sorry not to get back to you before. We are meeting on Thursdays at the Cottage Bar from 8 onwards. Just look for the people playing chess! (Last week the place was rather crowded, so we went out the back.) We won’t be meeting on Thursday week (31 July) as Galway pubs are too hectic for chess in race week. But we’re there on all other Thursdays over the summer. If you’d like further info, do ask (either here or on our email address). Hope to see you next Thursday.

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