Club members playing for Ireland this week

Once again, two of the five players in the Irish under-18 team, which is playing for the Glorney Cup in Scotland next week, against teams from England, Scotland, and Wales, are from Galway: the two are Oissine Murphy and John Cormican.  The event runs from Monday 4 August to Wednesday 6 August, and you can follow Oissine’s and John’s games (as well as the rest of the team) here. We will, of course, be rooting for them.

Update (day 1): Oissine and John are, in fact, playing on boards one and two for Ireland, which is a rare honour for Galway club (or, indeed, any club).  On the first day Oissine had two fine wins (against England and Wales), whilst John’s tactics seemed to go wrong against England, but worked a treat against Wales.  So that’s 3/4 for Galway vs England and Wales!

At the same time, the 2014 Olympiad starts in Norway on Saturday 2 August. Alas, there are no players from Galway there, but nevertheless one can follow the games on the Olympiad site.

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