Carlos wins Winter League


In an exciting and tense play-off Carlos da Silva eventually clinched his first Winter League title at about 11.30 at night, beating top-seed Pete Morriss 2½ – 1½. The format was two games at 25 minutes + 15 seconds increment; if these did not produce a winner, then two games at 15 minutes + 10 seconds, followed, if necessary, by pairs of games at ever faster time rates. The first three games were all decisive, and strangely the player with the black pieces won them all. In the fourth game, Pete, as black, eventually got down to a rook v pawn endgame. Subsequent checking with tablebases suggests that there was one (and only one) way for black to win, but Pete did not find it and the game ended in a draw. So Carlos is our new champion, and a very worthy one.


Final Standings:

Carlos da Silva1597
Pete Morriss1885
Jason Rawlinson51535
Conall Hegarty51660
Dara Murphy1773
Henryk Raczkowiak41658
Paul Ward41473
Denis Ruchko41083
Eduardo Gandara Diaz41843
Fintan Hegarty1312
Michael O'Connell1236
Andrew Barber31378
David Baird31504
Billy Delee3
David Piercy941
Colm O Riordain2
John Hensey1263
Michiel Jacobs1½ withdrawn1785
Pablo Donadio½ withdrawn1867
Sid Hegde0 withdrawn
Hassan Mahmood0 withdrawn


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