Blitz Tournament Review 2017

We held eleven monthly blitz tournaments in 2017 – there wasn’t one in May, as there was the Rapidplay tournament instead. In all, 42 different people played in at least one tournament; just two played in all eleven. There were eight different winners of the tournament (including ties); repeat winners were Brendan Buckley and Jason Rawlinson (both three times) and Pete Morriss (twice). There were nine different winners of the grading prize; the only repeat winner was Kynesha Ryder, who won three times. The person who scored the most points overall during the year was Pete Morriss, largely because he played in all eleven tournaments.

JanuaryPete MorrissCarlos SilvaK. S. Gopal
FebruaryPete MorrissDenis RuchkoKynesha Ryder
MarchFintan HegartyDenis Ruchko
Kynesha Ryder
AprilDenis RuchkoPete MorrissBilly Delee
JuneJ. Rawlinson, B. BuckleyPranav Phatak
JulyJason RawlinsonB. Buckley, F. HegartyZoran Dragic
AugustB. Buckley, David McCannMaksym Ruchko
SeptemberJason RawlinsonA. Jimenez, Z. Nemeth, P. MorrissJames Blackwell
OctoberBrendan BuckleyPete MorrissKynesha Ryder
NovemberAlex DrimbareanPete MorrissAndrejs Kozlovs
DecemberConall HegartyPete MorrissGer Abberton

Players who scored more than ten points during the year were:

Points scoredTournaments playedAverage
Pete Morriss56115.1
Jason Rawlinson46104.6
Denis Ruchko43½94.8
Kynesha Ryder38½113.5
Fintan Hegarty3794.1
Brendan Buckley3065
Conall Hegarty2154.2
Zalan Nemeth17½44.4
Ian Finnerty1782.1
Ger Abberton14½43.6
Carlos Silva13½34.5
Andrejs Kozlovs13½43.4
Maksym Ruchko13½62.25
Alex Drimbarean1226
Andrew Barber1243
Paul Ward1243
James Blackwell1133.7
Andrew Finnerty10½42.6

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