Announcing Galway Chess Congress 2015

The 2015 Galway Chess Congress will take place in the Menlo Park Hotel, from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th October.  Please mark in your diary.

In response to feedback last year, we are thinking of changing the format by adopting an exciting new structure for the event.  The basic idea is that the sections will be “porous” rather than rigid, so that players who win can automatically float up, to play people from the section above theirs.  A full explanation of how this would work can be found at the “Galway Congress 2015” link above.  We very much welcome feedback on this idea, as well as proposals for improving it or pointing out drawbacks which we haven’t considered.  Please either post your responses to the Galway Congress 2015 page, or send them privately to our email address: galwaychess at gmail dot com [please reassemble].

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Congress in October.

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